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Alpha Omega


Advent Health Orlando Casino Night

Chapter Instagram


# of Active Members


Local Chapter Founding Date

February 26, 1884

Fraternity Founding Date

September 11, 1865

Chapter Motto

Love and Respect

Alpha Tau Omega is a fraternity that prides itself in its brotherhood, involvement, and charitable contributions. As a chapter we strive to create a familiar bond between all of our members. We do this through our regular brotherhood events, ranging from sporting tournaments to community cleanup events. Another aspect we pride ourselves in is being very involved around campus, currently and in the past. Our chapter of 234 members has brothers involved in a large range of student organizations including student government, IFC executive board, and many other notable groups. We also boast two current members of the UF football team, as well as notable alumni Steve Spurrier, Stephen C. O’Connell, and Super Bowl champion punter Tommy Townsend. In addition to these things we also strive to give back to our community through our philanthropy. Our Advent Health Orlando Casino Night, started in the fall of 2022 when a brother of ours was diagnosed with cancer. We took this as an opportunity to raise money for Advent Health Orlando’s cancer research department. In the past two years we have raised upwards of $150,000 dollars for Advent Health Orlando through our philanthropy. As a group our chapter strives to always put others ahead of themselves and always show Love and Respect to everyone we encounter no matter the arena.

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